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In 2015 AgJunction customers will only be a few clicks away from ordering in-season GeoVantage Precision Agriculture Imagery every time they turn on their computer.

Peabody, MA, February 9, 2015: AgJunction has teamed up with GeoVantage to put on-demand color, infrared and NDVI imagery in the hands of its precision agriculture focused customers. The AgJunction platform now has a direct connection to GeoVantage’s automated operations software that tasks planes nationwide to capture and deliver “actionable” farm field imagery within days of ordering. This quick turnaround imagery solution adds a valuable, near real-time, layer of data to the AgJunction platform allowing for more accurate decisions on management zones, variable rate applications and other precision agriculture initiatives. A few simple clicks from an AgJunction user will give them access to GeoVantage’s fleet of over twenty airplanes with hi-tech cameras strategically placed throughout the US, ready to capture a custom image of their farm field.
“GeoVantage aerial imagery is an excellent tool to see what is happening in your field. Whether it is something you can repair this season or prevent next season, finding out what worked and what didn’t is crucial. The AgJunction platform is a powerful tool. By adding in our on-demand imagery, customers can utilize it to its full extent.” Says Matt Sweeney, Business Development Manager – Agriculture for GeoVantage Inc.
“Providing our clients access to all available data solutions has always been a key goal of the AgJunction solution. By integrating with GeoVantage we now have the ability to place on-demand imagery order requests direct through the platform and then have the data auto-processed and associated to the user’s fields. We feel the efficiency and ease of this process will help users spend less time obtaining data and more time making effective data decisions. Says Devron VonGunden, Director of Operations for AgJunction Inc.-Cloud Services Division.





About Agjunction:
AgJunction, Inc. provides innovative hardware and software applications for precision agriculture worldwide. The Company holds numerous patents and markets its products and services under leading brand names including Outback Guidance®, Satloc®, and AgJunction® Cloud Services. AgJunction supports advanced farming practices and enables seamless data connectivity among growers and their agricultural service providers. The Company is headquartered in Hiawatha, Kansas, with facilities in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Manitoba and Queensland, Australia. AgJunction is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “AJX”. For more information, please go to www.agjunction.com.


GeoVantage is proud to announce the introduction of a 6 band imaging system for agriculture. In addition to our standard RGBNIR bands we will have two additional red edge bands to allow for even better NDVI analysis results. These narrow band filtered cameras have been chosen specifically to highlight agriculture plant health status and highlight stress more effectively than standard four band systems. Built to be housed within the structure of our newest high resolution mapping sensor the “GV6” will pack more sensor technology into it’s pod design than ever before. Keep an eye out soon for an announcement of the GV6 made exclusively for UAV’s (coming soon).

Come visit GeoVantage at Booth #111 at the Info Ag conference. We will have two cameras systems on display and we will demo Ag Order for you. We look forward to seeing you.

Gearing up for 2014!
Seeds are going in the ground or are already there, before you know it the plants will be coming up. This is the time to start thinking about getting set up to have imagery collected of your fields. Remember, if you are a Beck’s, SST, Mapshots or Satshot customer you’re almost there just confirm you have the permissions or keys necessary to place your order.

What a great year, 2013 was! We owe it all to our customers. All of us here at GeoVantage want to thank you for your continued patronage. We have made quite a few changes in preparation for the upcoming 2014 season to both aid in our continued growth and make it easier for our customers to utilize imagery in their business. Following are three major customer focused changes we have been working on:

Updated Website

You may have noticed that we majorly overhauled our website. It is much more content rich and customer focused. You can now visit our site and learn more about how to use imagery in your business.

GeoVantage Main Page


SST Logo

Along with high quality, we believe one of the most important things we can do is to make it easy for our customers to utilize our products. This requires an end-to-end solution from ordering through to image analysis. Following this objective, we have fully integrated with SST Software, a leading provider of precision agriculture software. Now existing SST customers can order imagery with their existing account and have it delivered directly to their desktop software via the cloud. Once the imagery is loaded, a user can then create management zones for scouting, use imagery to create VRT files, and manipulate the data via all the tools SST has to offer. To learn more about the service from SST, please visit here. Press release here.


Beck's Logo

Beck’s Hybrids has been a long time customer and has worked alongside us as we developed our service for the agriculture market. They are a family owned business that started in Indiana in the early 1900’s. We are extremely pleased Beck’s is strengthening our relationship this year. Our continued collaboration will assist Beck’s in building value added services around imagery for their customers as well as assist us in our product development efforts.

Take a bit of time and navigate around on the website. Let us know what you think! By all means, drop us a note or give us a call if you have any questions.


To all of our customers, thank you for a great 2013!